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The most selected champions for Support are Janna, Leona and Thresh. The most used Roles for Support are Fighter and Tank. This Tier List for League of Legends is specifically for Support, for other positions such as Mid Lane Tier List and ADC Tier List click on them in the menu above Trundle is surprisingly a strong support champion and has some really potent support-ish ability's to his kit, mainly his E being able to Zone and Catch enemy ADC's. It helps alot that Trundle Q also steal AD from the champion you bite, this is really useful versus say a ADC champion A League of Legends Tier List created by xDopii: Most fun Supports [9.23] [S10]. A Patch 9.23 LoL Champion Tier List on MOBAFire This LoL Support Tier List (best-in-role) is based on: Personal experience and feedback taken from multiple players, across multiple ranks. Based on a Champions skill floor, and their ease of play (and skill ceiling). The difficulty of a Champion, and their potential in the hands of a highly skilled player

League of Legends Tier List. Our updated LoL Tier List shows you the Best Champions to play in Patch 11.9.1. Find the Best Champions for top, jungle, mid, adc, and support in season 10. Use the Champion Tier List on ProGuides to find Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, and Play Rate LoL Support Tier List with Riot-partnered stats of U.GG. Best Support champions based on millions of League of Legends matches. Sort by win rate, tier, role, rank, and region. Patch 11.1 In LoL, the support role is also a hugely diverse one, and there's much more to handle than simply checking in on your teammates's health bars, and throwing the odd top-up around. Although there are champions that focus specifically on the healing side of things, many others are built around the idea of crowd-control, initiating, and disrupting some of the more problematic enemy plays as well 10 - Soraka, the Starchild. She's probably one of the most popular support champs of all time. Soraka is a champion that you love to be with. Her healing abilities like Astral Infusion and Wish ultimate skill can help you stay in battles longer Diana made waves in the jungle from the 11.8 buffs, she's capable of clearing pretty effectively and is able to use that strength effectively in skirmishes. Her base stats are solid and the fact she has access to so much burst allows her to execute critical targets which is especially vital with how strong ADCs are

LoL tier list with Riot-partnered stats of U.GG. Best champions based on millions of League of Legends matches. Sort by win rate, tier, role, rank, and region. Patch 11.1 Best High-ELO Support Champions for 11.10: Optimal (S-tier) = Thresh, Bard, Lulu, Senna; Great (A-tier) = Rakan, Taliyah, Alistar, Zilean, Rell, Seraphine, Soraka, Janna, Karma, Maokai, Sona, Blitzcrank, Nami, Nautilus, Leona, Lux; Good (B-tier) = Pyke, Vel'Koz, Xerath, Shaco, Swain, Gragas, Galio, Sett, Taric, Braum, Yuumi, Zyra, Morgana, Bran Senna build guides - op.gg provides builds, counters, guides, masteries, runes, skill orders, combos, pro builds and statistics by top, jungle, mid, adc, support in s11, s10 - including Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, Play Rat

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METAsrc LoL 11.10 5v5 Support statistical Tier List, statistical analysis, best champions, god tier, win rate, ban rate, pick rate, KD Tank Tier List 10.3 | All Tank Champions In League of Legends. TOP Tank Champion Bans, Popular Picks, and Highest Win Rates This Patch Season 10 SUSCRÍBETE : https://bit.ly/2Ljbmyk CONTACTO ️ naytexbusiness@gmail.comREDES SOCIALES:Twitter: https://twitter.com/NaytexlolInstagram: https://www.in.. The 7 best support champions on LoL Patch 9.19. Published: 28/Sep/2019 12:29 Updated: 1/Oct/2019 6:42. by Andrew Amos. Share. Patch 9.19 is here and, as ever, the best League of Legends support.

[TOP 10] LOL Best Teams in the World 2019 As the League of Legends 2019 World Championship comes closer and closer, the competition between teams is getting fiercer. The 2019 Worlds will start in 2 October and will be held for a month. The championship stage is Europe this time and teams are.. League of Legends Beschwörer Ranglisten, Statistiken, Fähigkeiten, Item-Builds, Champion Stats. Beliebtheit, Winrate, die besten Items und Spells. Team Rankings Best Support Champions; 3. Best ADC Champions; 4. Best Carry Champions; 5. Best Beginner Champions; General support tips. Here are some general tips that apply when playing any support champion. Keep these at the forefront of your mind and you'll be a master of the role in no time: Video by ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides . Avoid last-hitting on creeps or enemy champions as. Wir stellen euch zum Seasonstart drei der aktuell besten Supporter für verschiedene Spielstile vor. WERBUNG: Die Ranked-Season 10 beginnt am Freitag, dem 10. Januar. Da sich viele ambitionierte LoL-Spieler bereits intensiv auf ihre Placements vorbereiten, hat sich gegen Ende der Preseason ein klares Meta herausgebildet. Wir stellen euch vor dem Seasonstart die aktuell besten Champions auf.

Best Support Champions in LoL When you boot up LoL, there are several support champions to choose from (depending on who you've unlocked, of course). Since new updates are released pretty often. Nachdem die letzten Patches nicht viel auf Supports eingingen, hat League of Legends Patch 11.7 nun einige Buffs und Nerfs an Support Champions verteilt I actually enjoy the support role but I'm looking for a support that can best help me climb into gold. 38 comments. share. save. hide. report. 56% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 1 year ago. In my opinion Nautilus is great right now. 10. Share . Report Save. level 2. NA: Coin, Cointoss, chillin cat. 1 year ago. This is why, best Tristana support, is the one that adress her weakness early game. Are You against all-in lane like Leona+Draven? A Tahm Khench or Taric, gonna be great choice, to stop them from all-ining You before Your items/level 6 power spike. Are You against poke lane like Jhin + Xerath? A Soraka or other Enchantress with Guardian gonna be great pick, to make their poke more managable.

Du findest nicht, wonach du suchst? Ganz gleich, ob technisches Problem oder Tilt, wir helfen gerne! Sende ein Ticket! Solange es nicht in einem Portal verlorengeht, werden wir dir bald antworten Ein Spiel in LoL fängt bei der Charakterwahl an und wir haben die 10 besten Champions für die aktuelle Meta ausgesucht, um solo-queue zu spielen. Related. 10 Heroes of the Storm, die wir zu.

Top 10 LOL Best Mages That Wreck Hard #10: Annie, The Dark Child. Annie didn't always have her powers. At first, they would manifest through emotional outbursts, but now she can control her pyromancy. Now, she wanders the woods looking for someone to play with. Annie is great for players who want to start learning mid lane. Her kit is basic. Our updated Tier List shows you the Best Champions to play in the current meta for each position. LoL Tier List 11.7. Home Champions Items Counters Tier List Win Predictor TFT Blog MOBA Champion Search for Champions or Items. League of Legends Tier List 11.7 For Climbing Solo Queue. Our meta based tier list is calculated directly from millions of recent, real matches played by Gold+ ranked.

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It is vital that all players, not just the support, learn where to ward, when to ward, and how best to limit the opposing team's vision. This will be an in-depth League of Legends warding guide. We will cover all aspects of warding and provide you everything you need to know to ensure good vision control for your team Ezreal Support teammate and duo statistics including win rates and play rates of all champions anywhere in the game Top 10: LoL Worlds 2020 Power Rankings. In this LoL Worlds Power Rankings list, we will look at the most dominant LoL Worlds 2020 teams in each region. We rank and file the top ten most fearsome lineups that will surely make an impact on the biggest stage. A lot has changed in League of Legends this year, and the power rankings are the hardest to make out of all seasons to date. However, after.

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  1. METAsrc LoL 11.10 5v5 statistical Tier List, statistical analysis, best champions, god tier, win rate, ban rate, pick rate, KD
  2. Best Support - LoL: Best Support Champions 2020; 4. Beginner Champions - LoL: Best Beginner Champions 2019; 5. Early Game Champions - LoL: Early Game Champions 2019; LoL: Best Carry Champions 2020 - Jax. Jax is the definition of a slow and steady carry, thanks to the way he scales as the game progresses. Sure, he might have a rough start, but once you hit the later levels and pick up some key.
  3. Runes.lol isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends
  4. League of Legends Meta. Our updated LoL meta shows you the Best Champions to play in Patch 11.10. Find the Best Champions for top, jungle, mid, adc, and support in season 9. Use our LoL Meta on ProGuides to find Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, Champion Availability, and Play Rate

Let's consider how to control map in LoL by each lane separately. WARDING AT TOP LANE. Top lane is the most vulnerable lane because it's long as bottom lane but there is no support who would put wards for you. Also it's far from the Dragon's Pit therefore most events there occur without the participation of the rest of the team. Because of that there is some kind of isolation which can. Best unconventional LoL bot lane combos to try in your next Ranked match. By Brandon Borrelli Yi April 11, 2019. Share ; Tweet; Pin; Share; 0. Have you been looking for a new and unconventional League of Legends bot lane combo to try out with your duos partner in Ranked? Then look no further, as we cover some of the best bot lane combos for people who don't want to be slaves to the tier list. Immer das Beste drauß machen, ich habe durch LoL auch besser gelernt mit ignoranten Flamern umzugehen. Ich muss die nicht mal mehr muten ohne das es mich stört, hat aber etwas gebraucht bis ich.

10. Alistar - The Cow of Redemption. Coming in last place in the top ten most played support champions is none other than the giant cow we all hate to see charging toward us in League of Legends.Usually this charge is followed by a skillfully timed knock-up in whichever direction we really didn't want to go; or a complete and utter misjudgement shown by the newer cow players A good rule of thumb is +10 MMR for a win and -10 MMR for a loss. # How does MMR affect ranked LP? The amount of League Points (LP) gained or lost depends on the difference between your team's MMR and the average MMR of your current rank. For example, a Platinum I player who wins a game at 2300 MMR (approximately Diamond I) will see much larger LP gains than winning a game at 1800 MMR. Best Synergy (DUO) Shaco. 55.3%. Win Rate. Xin Zhao. 55.2%. Win Rate. Jax. 54.6%. Win Rate. Xerath General information. Xerath skills. Mana Surge. P. Xerath periodically empowers his next auto-attack to restore mana, which is doubled against enemy champions. Arcanopulse. Q. Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds ∙ Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana ∙ Range: 750. Charges for 3 seconds during. The best place to watch LoL Esports and earn rewards

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How do the best LoL players in the world prove their worth and, more importantly, stop getting matched with those pesky low-level players? The answer is the League of Legends ranking system, which places the millions of LoL players around the globe into a tier and division based on their ability and performances. However, it can be a daunting prospect for newcomers to competitive LoL. Many. SUPPORT: LEONA. 10.12 hasn't really touched the support lane's S-tier picks so Leona remains at the very top - if you're looking to deliver a lethal cocktail of stuns and slows, then this.

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  1. League of Legends is a team-based game with over 140 champions to make epic plays with. Play now for free
  2. LoL: Best Champions To Play For Ranked 2021. January 12, 2021 4:12 pm League of Legends Esports; Brandon Sturak January 12, 2021 Samira has a strong laning phase if accompanied by a CC heavy support, but better yet, her ultimate can rip through an entire team. Overall, she's super fun, flashy and effective as a pure killing machine. READ. LoL: MSI 2021 Group Stage - Day Five Recap (Group B.
  3. LoL Patch 11.9: Die besten Supports mit Lulu, Thresh und Co. Anzeige. LoL Patch 11.9: Die besten Supports . vergrößern verkleinern. Lulu steht derzeit ganz oben auf unserer Liste der besten.

#1 Rated Best Place To Buy League Of Legends Accounts. LoL Smurfs is the biggest, safest & best place to buy a League of Legends smurf account. Our instant delivery, special warranty and 24/7 support means there is simply no better place to get your LoL smurfs Real-time LoL Stats! Check your Summoner, Live Spectate and using powerful global League of Legends Statistics

This allows the top lane to revolve around assassins with great mobility that can also shut down mobile champions. The jungle is going to be full of assassins that can shut down mobile champions and get near them. Mid lane and ADC (attack damage carry) is where the mobile champions come into play. Supports are there to help grab picks with either crowd control or burst damage With so many players choosing either marksman or support as their go-to role and a vast pool of champions available to fill the roster - it can be hard to pick out the best bot lane combos that will have you crushing your competition and stomping your way through the ranked ladder. But hey - that's what we're here for LoL erkennt, ob eurer Champion mehr AD oder AP hat und verstärkt dann diesen Wert. Auf diese Weise müsst ihr Änderungen an den Runen vornehmen, wenn ihr die gleiche Seite bei einem AD-Champion. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve by clicking here LoL S11 : Tous les guides de champions en Support Retrouvez tous nos guides des supports de League of Legends pour en savoir plus sur les items à privilégier, les runes, les sorts d'invocateur et les sorts à maxer

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Lux Support S10 : build, runes et stuff - Guide LoL. Publié 01 jui 2019 Par WarLeCroissant 0. Guide Lux Support League of Legends saison 10 - Retrouvez nos builds, runes et conseils pour jouer la Dame de Lumière, qui coûte 3150 Essences Bleues. Antisèche. Build pour Lux Support. Début de partie. Vous commencerez la partie avec Lame du voleur de sort, puisque vous devrez principalement. This strat could be dangerous, especially against an aware support but it more often than not does good than bad in solo queue. And hey if it back fires, have a quick laugh about it with your team and move on to the next cheese tactic. 2. The 'Level 2 All-In'. Great for top, bot lane and those mids that are reliant on snowballing early (like Pantheon) this tactic requires you to push a. With over 140 champs to discover, there are always news things to master. Browse them all here s10:终极一战!《lol》全球总决赛 决赛宣传片发布 . 10-31. 虎牙s10:最终大战开启sn迎战dwg谁能捍卫赛区荣誉. 10-30 《lol》新英雄星籁歌姬萨勒芬妮主题音乐欣赏. 10-30 《英雄联盟》kda女团登dazed封面!身着lv重置流行. 10-30. lol官方ins开启s10冠军预测:sn仅获37%的支持! 10-30. s10决赛发布会落幕 拳头.

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Taric est un champion de League of Legends et se joue Support.Afin de maîtriser ce personnage, nous vous proposons un guide sur les runes à utiliser, les objets à acheter, les sorts d'invocateur à choisir et enfin les sorts à maxer en priorité.. Les runes de Taric Support sur LoL. Sorts d'invocateur de Taric Support parceque alistar est un super support mais il est viable en top lane en roaming avec un builde ap def , en jungle jamais fait parcontre je vais testé ça de suite.<br /> En plus ça permet d'assuré un mid game avec 2support surtout qaund tu prend janna en botlane ou un autre. Un alistar stuff ça bump ça stun (avec des ratio ap plus que correct) de zone ça tank des tours. <br /> Je suis. Support champions are some of the most versatile characters in League of Legends, as nearly any champion can potentially fill the role. So long as you have crowd control and enough utility, there are infinite ways you can support your team rather than just dishing out damage. RELATED: League Of Legends: 10 Best Support Players Of All Time, Ranke Die 7 besten Supporter. Geposted von Kirsodia, Ihr seid beim Supporten mit Herz und Seele dabei, aber mit eurer Championauswahl nicht zufrieden? Wir stellen euch die aktuell sieben stärksten Supporter vor, die euch in allen Spielsituationen und besonders in der SoloQueue weiterhelfen werden. WERBUNG: Ob gewollt oder als Lastpick in die Rolle gezwungen: Jeder muss irgendwann einmal Support. Like many long-standing titles, LoL has both benefits and drawbacks for being an older game. Even with consistent updates, you'll begin to notice that many of the best settings have been staples for pro players and streamers over the last few years. Still, there are enough changes being made that you should make adjustments every now and again

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  1. Ein Support sorgt für eine gute Sicht indem er mit Wards die Gegend sichtbar macht und er sorgt in erster Linie dafür, dass der ADC nicht von den Gegnern getötet wird. Typische Support Champions sind Soraka, Sona, Blitzcrank, Thresh oder Lulu. Nicht selten ist es auf leider die Aufgabe eines Support sein Leben für sein Team zu opfern. Ein guter Support Spieler versorgt seine Teamkollegen.
  2. Last on our list of the 5 best off-meta supports; we have Ahri - this is one of the most popular champions in LoL. However, we mostly come across her being played as a source of AP damage in the mid-lane. Her W (Fox-fire) and Q (Orb Deception) are her two main forms of damage. Her passive gives her a nice movement bonus, and her Spirit Rush gives her extra mobility during fights
  3. What support do you guys think best synergizes with Jinx? My thoughts: Leona: Setting up an easy w for jinx, and giving the duo a very large amount of CC. The problem I see is against a very early aggressive bottom, taking immediate advantage level 1 and 2, setting you behind
  4. I guess you can give me any good support combos. But down here in Silver league Cait gets picked a lot and when i have to support i dont know a good combo with her. I know she has a good early game, so i would assume to pick somebody like Leona or Morgana. What about Ashe? SHe is also picked a decent amount in lower Elo. Also who counters Soraka best? Such a boring lane to play. When i play vs.
  5. Best League of Legends Champions and LoL Tier List for Patch 11.10. Learn about all 11.10 Meta Champions, challenger tier list and highest win rate lol champions

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  1. She's jumped from support, to mid, to top and more recently back to support, but always offers the same things: great utility, shields, peel and a good amount of damage. Much like Nidalee and Gragas, it's Lulu's flexibility and the inherent strength of her kit that has helped her remain relevant even through meta shifts and nerfs. Historically, her popularity has gone through peaks and.
  2. Track the performance of LoL teams and players and see where they stand compared to others in the worldwide and regional rankings
  3. PROBUILDS.net is a quick guides tool for League of Legends players. Its primary function is to provide the League of Legends community easy access to Professional Player's builds across all regions
  4. The best supports can make an average AD carry great, and in the case of EDG's bottom lane, Meiko has turned an elite AD carry into the undisputed world's best at his position. In a lot of cases.
  5. Top 100 League of Legends player rankings of the best players by prize money won overall. History Players Tournaments Teams Leagues Games Tips Forums Search. League of Legends. Release Date: 2009. Prize Money Awarded: $83,659,579.50 From 2575 Tournaments. Recorded Date Range: 2010-07-06 to 2021-05-02. Summary. Top Players: All - Offline/LAN - Online. Top Countries. Top Teams. Largest Prize.
  6. League of Legends ist ein teambasiertes Spiel mit über 140 Champions für epische Spielzüge. Spiele jetzt kostenlos

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  1. Willkommen beim Riot-Support. Wie können wir dir helfen? Support für League of Legends. Support für Legends of Runeterra. Support für Teamfight Tactics. Spieler-Support für VALORANT. Aktuell in der offenen regionalen Beta! Für alle League of Legends: Wild Rift Support.
  2. Sett support is a tank, as a support tank, you might lack the items to go throwing yourself into 5 enemy champions at level 6. Ideally, you can flank your enemy and carry them into your team or use your ultimate to take a dangerous enemy out of the fight. Learning to master Sett's ultimate is the key to mastering the champion as a support
  3. Very legit, so good. LOL Solo/Duo Solo Net Wins Diamond III - 2 Net Win(s) Completed my order and did really great! <3. LOL Solo/Duo Solo Divisions Bronze II 41 LP - Gold III Very Helpful and did a lot :) LOL Solo/Duo Solo Divisions Bronze II 41 LP - Gold III nice guy good boost thx :D LOL Solo/Duo Duo Net Wins Silver IV - 2 Net Win(s) Best booster on here. LOL Solo/Duo Solo Divisions Gold IV.
  4. g craze and has been bringing summoners together since 2010. Over the years we have become home for hundreds of thousands of fans seeking out their daily LoL strea

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3. Senna ADC and Nami Support. It's no secret that Nami is one of the best all-around supports, no matter what ELO you're playing at due to how diverse and powerful her kit is. However, in Season 10, Senna is a close runner up as one of the most popular supports at the moment. However, putting them together as a bot lane duo allows for some. Willkommen zur neuen PBE-Registrierung! Wir haben einige Änderungen an der öffentliche Beta-Umgebung (PBE) vorgenommen, aber die wichtigste ist, dass wir nun neu erstellte PBE-Konten mit dem Hauptkonto des Nutzers verbinden The rookie support came into DRX with high expectations, as his legendary AD carry partner Kim Deft Hyuk-kyu lauded him as one of the best support players in South Korea before he had even. The category contains League of Legends accounts for sale. You can filter accounts by champions, skins or divisions to find your best fit. Buy LoL acc now with a reliable service! You can also sell league account to us - check details on our site

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It is highly recommended to have a good LOL accounts to compete with other players. Players may choose from over 75 Champions to fight in 3v3 and 5v5 battles, with more battle maps being developed.With an ever-expanding roster of champions, frequent updates and a thriving tournament scene, League of Legends offers endless replayability for players of every skill level.To kickstart your. LoL : Guide, Runes et Objets Cho'Gath Top S10. Comment jouer Cho'Gath au Top pour la S10 de League of Legends. Retrouvez toutes les astuces et objets conseillés pour conquérir le ladder. Par. Maafterchef - 10 janvier 2020 02:12. Guide Cho'Gath Top S10: Sorts d'Invocateur: Guide Cho'Gath Top S10: Fort Contre: Faible Contre: Fort Contre: Faible Contre: Ordre des sorts (A) Rupture: 1: 4: 5: 7. Runes for Sett in League of Legends season 11. We present you all the best options available in S11. The runes listed below on the page showed effectiveness for this character in 2021 year, because they can unlock most of his strengths and also neutralize the maximum possible amount of weaknesses

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College College LoL Season Stream Schedule - Week 5. Find out where to watch College Season matches this week! By Tiza 2020-02-20. Esports JLXP | Episode 15. By Riot Jatt & Studio Content Team 2020-02-20. Esports LCS broadcast now available in French and Italian. As of Week 4, the LCS broadcast is available in local language broadcasting in French and Italian. By Lolesports Staff 2020-02-20. Live Support Chat. Buy LoL Account Select your new account today by the leading LoL Service. LOL boosting. LoL Smurf. Account Market. VLRNT. LOL: WR. TFT Boosting . Instant Delivery 24/7. After buying an LoL account, our automated delivery system creates your unique order. By logging in, you can access the details of your new League account! Lifetime Guarantee. We provide a lifetime guarantee. Discover 1v1, the online building simulator & third person shooting game. Battle royale, build fight, box fight, zone wars and more game modes to enjoy Within a drafted team, the Jungler is the champion assigned to the jungle. A Jungler needs to be able to clear jungle camps without too much difficulty and ambush other champions in lane

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You will soon be playing amongst the best LOL players with when you buy LOL account from us. Allowing you to compete with the most skilled and experienced players. A highly ranked account also allows you to have access to otherwise unavailable game content and features. Where to Buy LoL Accounts. These are usually locked and accessible to players as they improve in ranking; however when you. Otto bietet das top Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10+ mit 1 TB Speicherplatz den ganzen Januar zum Bestpreis von 599,99 Euro an - dank Gutscheincode sparen Sie nochmal 15 Euro sowie die Versandkosten.

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ESL IEM 2015 Highlights: Das waren die besten Momente des LoL-Turniers 22.12.2015, 18:20 E-Sport mal anders: Diese witzigen Momente von League of Legends All-Star 2015 musst du sehen Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung Galaxy S10+ Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. Samsung Galaxy S20. Samsung Galaxy S20+ Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5. What devices support Phone screen? Phone screen is available on Android devices in select markets running Android 9.0 or greater that have Link to Windows installed (for some devices, it may be preinstalled). These.

To help you decide, this guide breaks down the top LoL champions you can play right now, whether you're looking to play in the top lane, mid lane, bottom lane, or in the jungle LoL Champion. Champion Guides Übersicht; Counter Übersicht; Champions Übersicht; Start Champion Guides Übersicht Anivia Guide. Anivia Guide. Anivia Guide Der Kryophönix. Detaillierter Leauge of Legends Anivia Guide inklusive Skillreihenfolge, Beschwörerzauber, den wichtigsten Items sowie Runen und Meisterschaften. Willkommen bei unserem Anivia Guide. Hier findest du die wichtigsten Infos. Das Galaxy S10 ist auch nach Erscheinen des Nachfolgers S20 interessant: Der Preis sank drastisch, zugleich bietet es Vollausstattung. Der Test Das S10 Plus ist das beste der S10-Serie. Vor allem die Grandiose Kamera bei Fotos und Videos wo Huawei sich vorallem bei den Videos eine Scheibe abschneiden kann. Der Akku ist echt ausreichend wenn man bedenkt, dass man 4100 mAh hat, kommt man dadurch problemlos über den Tag und falls mal nicht, dann kann man das Smartphone auf 25% innerhalb von 10min aufladen was Super ist. Das Beste. Fazit: Das Samsung Galaxy S10 bietet zurzeit das beste Display. Beeindruckend sind zudem die Dreifach-Kamera und das Design. Luft nach oben gibt es noch bei der Akkulaufzeit. 3G.co.uk online (25.03.19) 88/100. 88/100. Fazit: Es handelt sich um ein leistungsstarkes Smartphone mit hellem Display, gut klingenden Lautsprechern, Triple-Kamera und gelungener Haptik. Bei der Akkulaufzeit gibt es noch. Bienvenue dans le Support de Riot. Que pouvons-nous faire pour vous ? Support de League of Legends. Support de Legends of Runeterra. Support de Teamfight Tactics. Visitez le Support de VALORANT. Actuellement en Bêta ouverte régionale ! Pour tous League of Legends : Wild Rift Support.

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